BRAF+ melanoma
What makes it different, makes it vulnerable

BRAF mutation testing: the different tests

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the table below provides details of the available tests for identifying BRAF mutations. Regarding next generation sequencing; although this isn’t available as a testing kit, for laboratories with sequencing technologies available this is an alternative to the below.


Method, instrumentation

Regulatory status

Analytical sensitivity LOD

BRAF mutations detected

THxIDTM- BRAF1 (bioMérieux, Inc.)

Real-time PCR,
ABI7500 FastDx (open)



5% mutation level for V600E and K

V600E and V600K


cobas® 4800 BRAF V6003

(Roche Diagnostics)

Real-time PCR,
Cobas 4800




5% mutation level for V600E

V600E (V600K and V600D possibly by cross reactivity)

therascreen BRAF RGQ PCR Kit4


Real-time PCR,
Rotor-Gene Q HDx 5plex HRM instrument



1.87% for V600E

4.3% for V600K

V600E, V600E complex, V600D, V600K, V600R


therascreen BRAF Pyro Kit5


Pyromark Q24 System



Not established

Codon 600: V600A, V600E, V600G, V600M, Codons 464-469: G464E, G464V, G466E, G466V, G469A, G469E, G469V


INFINITI BRAF Assay (AutoGenomics, Inc.)6

INFINITI Analyzer, INFINITI Plus Analyzer


Not available

BRAF V600A, V600D, V600E, V600KRM

FoundationOne CDx (Foundation Medicine, Inc.)7

NGS, multiple instruments



≤ 2.0% allele fraction for BRAF V600E and K

BRAF V600E, V600K, plus other genes

a Not a comprehensive list.

CE-IVD, Conformité Européene In Vitro Diagnostics (devices); FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; LOD, limit of detection; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.

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